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When your club is ready to advertise your meetings on the NSW/ACT Meetup Groups, please refer to these instructions.

We now have Meetup Groups in Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra. A community of people are in those groups already, looking for a Toastmasters Club to visit - all you need to do is get details of your next club meeting in there so they can find you!

We have created 3 sets of instructions for you, depending on your skill with computers:

  • Advanced (use the steps below)
  • Intermediate (use the screenshots)
  • Beginner (use the videos)

Step-by-step guide (Advanced users)

  1. Go to and set up an account for your Toastmasters Club (instructions here). Important: The account name needs to be your club name, for example "Trainers by Design Toastmasters Club". Do not sign up for an organiser account: you just need to be a user.
  2. Once you have signed up for and verified your Meetup Account, find the 'Join Toastmasters' Meetup Group relevant to your location by typing it into the browser

  3. When you've got to the group, click the 'Join Us' button.
  4. Message 'Join Toastmasters' using the message function within Meetup to let us know you have signed up. We will then make you an Event Organizer in the relevant Group.
  5. Once you get email confirmation that you can organise events, go into the Meetup Group and select 'Schedule a new Meetup' option.
  6. Enter your details and announce it and you're done!

Want to enter your club meetings as a recurring event? Once scheduled, find the 'Edit' function (it's a pencil symbol) and click on it. You'll have loads of options for recurring events, as well as asking questions of people who RSVP, and tonnes more.