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Congratulations on taking the initiative to organise a Speechcraft Course in your Toastmasters Club! Here in the District teams, we want to help you advertise it and reach full capacity.

Join Toastmasters

There are a number of channels associated with the Join Toastmasters 'brand'.

  1. Post your event on the Join Toastmasters Website.

    You can find the submission form using the following shortlink:

  2. Do you have an event that occurs fortnightly? Here's how to manage that in your submission.


Stay tuned as this page is updated with information about our Twitter account and Facebook Pages, and how your club can get involved in promoting your events on these channels.

For more help with your Speechcraft Course, contact the Speechcraft Liaison Officer Pauline Gilchrist on 0404 665 413 or email her at:

For more information about the Join Toastmasters 'brand', please refer to our handy infographic: